Set four of Identify

As the world is just beginning to open its eyes and hearts to the acceptance of  humans of all genders, I believe most people would hold their gender identity as one of their strongest pillars. Being a womxn in this world brings about such an innate and stunning bond with other humans possessing this pillar, as we fight to dismantle the many structures around us that are built specifically to put us down. There are many incredible womxn classical composers, but I would not be presenting my truest sense of womanhood if I were not sharing with you the equally incredible popular artists you will find in this set. Sara Bareilles has been my friend in my lowest moments, Beyonce has taught me unmatched fierceness, Laura Mvula marries the highest levels of musicianship with textual strength, and Carole King reaches directly into every human’s heart with melodic comfort. Each one of these queens has influenced all facets of my music making, despite the given style. I am proud to be sharing with you my interpretations of these iconic songs that have time and time again, gifted me with the love and power housed in womanhood.