Womxn Crush Wednesday: Sharayna Christmas

Originally posted to Facebook on June 24, 2020

Today's #WCW is Sharayna Christmas, Executive Director of Muse 360 Arts, located in Baltimore, MD. Muse 360 Arts™ is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 to provide the community with a gateway to global arts and culture by providing access to affordable, quality, learning experiences and expanded resources. More information is on their website,, and in the Q&A below!


Q&A with Sharayna:

Q: Tell us about your mission and vision. A: Our MISSION is to develop Baltimore Youth of diverse backgrounds through high quality experiences, leadership, and artistic training that inspires them to reach their full potential. We do this by developing skills in literary, visual and performing arts, engaging families and communities through programming, building intellectual competencies in critical thinking and leadership, and exposing youth to a broader perspective of the world. Our Vision is to guide people in their pursuit of cultural arts and personal development to ultimately facilitate change in our community. Q: What are some of the programs that Muse360 provides to the Baltimore community? A: Our programs are: -Rayn Fall Dance Studio™ (Preparatory Dance Institution | ages 2-21) -New Generation Scholars: Youth Leadership Study Abroad Program (ages 13-21) -Spark of Genius: Youth Entrepreneur Project™ (Creative Entrepreneurship | ages 10-21) Q: What new skills or perspectives do your students walk away with upon completing a Muse 360 program? A: Knowledge of self, rooted in African Diasporic History. Q: What does growth look like for your organization/mission? A: Growth looks like being able to financially sustain our organization and movement so that we can continue to develop, support, and hire youth to produce strategies to liberate their minds creatively. Q: What else would you like people to know? A: We really need folks to donate to our cause; we are looking to raise $1500 to provide 15 scholars with a $100 fund to build their library with books from Everyone's Place here in Baltimore. We also need support consistently from the Baltimore community beyond monetary resources.

--- More about Sharayna: Sharayna Christmas is a self starter, social entrepreneur, creative and producer. Over the last 16 years she has served in many capacities – performer, teacher, creative director, facilitator, collaborator, curator etc – bringing individuals and organizations together to nurture and sustain the communities they live in and serve. She has began training at the Dance Theater of Harlem (DTH) in New York at the age of three. She holds a BS in Finance from Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD.

--- Learn more about Sharayna's story on the Muse 360 website: Contact: Website:

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