Womxn Crush Wednesday: Nicole Turchi

Originally published to Facebook on July 15, 2020

Today's #WCW goes out to Nicole Turchi! We are so excited to have Nicole present a workshop in our upcoming Phenomenal Womxn Festival on August 8th!


About Nicole:

Nicole Turchi is a body freedom coach and dancer based in Austin, TX. She leads a program called Light Yourself on Fire where she teaches womxn how to feel sexy and confident in their bodies, so they can create anything they want to see in their lives. This is a 12 month experience where you can learn how to express your emotions fully through movement, heal your inner critic + inner child, and develop a self-compassion practice so strong that it can hold you through life's deepest challenges. Nicole is passionate about sharing dance as a tool for emotional release in response to trauma, and making healing a joyful and pleasurable process.

Q: "Tell us about your journey using dance as a tool for healing-- How did it begin, and how did you get to where you are now?

A: "I struggled with binge eating disorder for a decade, starting at the age of 14. As a child, I often felt like an outsider and I internalized that feeling as deep shame and disgust for myself. The only coping mechanism I knew how to use at the time was soothing myself with food. In college, my mental health completely fell apart, which pushed me to seek professional help. This initiated my journey of healing from my childhood trauma. Dance became the most powerful tool that I wielded on my journey toward self-love and self-compassion. Once I had recovered from binge eating, it became my mission to empower womxn to let go of the diet culture stories that tell them their bodies are not enough to be worthy, and to help them discover a genuine gratitude for their bodies."

Q: "Tell us about your upcoming workshop: '3 Ways to Turn Rage into Compassion.'"

A: "'3 Ways to Transform Rage into Compassion' came to me after noticing how uncomfortable our society is with expressions of grief, rage, and sadness. It became very clear to me that a large part of why America struggles so much with depression and anxiety is that we haven't given ourselves + each other the permission to feel dark emotions, so they end up getting stuck in our bodies. This workshop will teach you how to express your rage through movement, so you have a way of expressing and processing your dark emotions whenever it's needed. We also will explore how to have compassion for ourselves when we're feeling enraged and discuss self-care practices that get you connected to the energy of compassion. I would like people to walk away from this experience feeling light, powerful, and clear."

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