Womxn Crush Wednesday: Nat Pierce

Originally published April 1, 2020 on Facebook

Nat Pierce is an Arlington-based dancer and software engineer who has just launched a new app called Korio! Korio is a music player for dancers and choreographers that can show the count, slow down the track, and loop specific sections. It’s a free website at check it out and get dancing!

--- Here's a little Q&A with Nat: Q: How did you get into designing apps? A: I wanted to combine my passions, but also to combine a sense of creativity with technical problem solving. I think it’s so interesting and beautiful when art and technology intersect. Q: What inspired you to create Korio? A: On my hip hop dance team, I noticed some fellow teammates struggling to choreograph, and I’ve been there all too often as a choreographer myself. I thought, why can’t we use a little help from our music player? Dance is such a cool form of expression to me, so why not use technology to help beginners as well as experienced dancers focus on the craft itself, and spend less time with the small stuff that can bog down the process? Q: What else would you like everyone to know? A: I’m grateful and humbled for Phenomenal Womxn to reach out to me. It’s a really inspiring movement, and I hope as female artists we all continue to encourage each other. --- Know a Phenomenal Womxn you'd like to give a WCW shoutout to? Drop their name and standout qualities in our inbox!

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