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Bri Bazemore (@briwholistically) is a spiritual guide based in Washington, D.C., who loves to help others tap into their own spirituality and intuition. Read on to learn more about Bri's work, its impact on her art, and its capacity to facilitate personal growth and understanding.

Q: We at Phenomenal Womxn have learned so much from you about your work as an intuitive tarot and oracle reader! How would you describe this work to someone who has never heard of it?

A: Intuitive Tarot and Oracle reading is soul work. It’s all about connecting to and having a relationship with a higher power that allows you to relay information to those looking for intuitive guidance. This work is not fortune telling and it does not replace free will. It is a spiritual tool that, when used properly, allows for you to learn, grow, and expand your knowledge of self and others past what is already being presented to you.

Q: What experience(s) had the greatest impact on your decision to pursue this work?

A: All my life I’ve had intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant (the gift of seeing), clairsentient (the gift of feeling) and clairaudient (the gift of hearing) abilities. When I moved to Austin in 2018, I moved for more than just work. I knew this, but I didn’t know exactly what that more than was. It was there where I met a black tarot reader and that helped me to see for the first time someone who looked like me doing the work. I never knew what it looked like or what it meant, or that it was even an option. It was there that I bought my first deck and started offering readings. Fast forward to 2020, I’ve moved past my fears, internalized stereotypes, and my aversion for being looked at as “different.” Moving home (unknowingly) during a pandemic led me to have to figure out what I was going to do. Once again, my gifts found me. A friend of mine asked for a reading and the rest is history. I made a decision that this is what I am going to do and I committed to it that day and I haven’t looked back since. To add, this is important work. What I do every day in my life matters and it helps people. I’ve always wanted to live a free and impactful life. Tarot allows me to do that. I feel a sense of peace and happiness in my life that I’ve never felt before and I am beyond grateful for that!

Q: What do people walk away with (literally and figuratively) after a reading with you?

A: They usually walk away stunned at the accuracy of the reading. They also walk away encouraged and prepared for their path. It’s important to me that my clients aren’t just “getting a reading”. They need to have the knowledge and clarity to keep going. Some people come to me in very dark times, some just want to know what’s going on. Whatever the reason is for how we cross paths, I want them to walk away feeling good about my service, but most importantly I want them to walk away feeling empowered and understood. I have the ability to speak on things that my clients haven’t told me and some haven’t told anyone or many people. It’s a sensitive situation and I treat it as such by doing the work, but also ensuring that my clients are taken care of first and foremost.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of this job for you?

A: Knowing I am honoring my highest self and my clients. Living in my truth is a way for me to be able to show up for my clients. I can do this work afraid and I’m not anymore. That means that I can go into a reading assured and able to positively contribute to the lives of people who are trusting me to do so. It is that exchange that is the best part of the job. I give a lot, but it’s hearing from my clients and knowing that it mattered, that it is for a reason. That even though I had to deliver a hard message they knew they needed to hear it. It’s a soul exchange that can’t be bought or manufactured. It’s raw and real and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Q: People have a tendency to be wary of the unfamiliar, and spiritual healing is still perceived as mysterious to some people. What would you want to say to someone who is afraid of or unfamiliar with spiritualism?

A: Ask questions and use your gift of intuition to make decisions. Are there people out here who are not legit, who don’t take the practice seriously, who just want money? YES! There are people like that in all industries, unfortunately. It’s important to treat your spiritual advisors like your doctors. You may have more than one for different reasons, but you only go to who you need to see and who you trust. It’s the same thing. Your spiritual health is still an area that should be treated the same as physical and mental health. I may not resonate with you, but someone else might. That’s fine! Just engage with those who you feel led to. You should not be taking in 100s of people on the internet searching for a message that resonates. You should be engaging with a few people (if there are a few) who speak to you outside of your sun sign (zodiac sign). Spirituality is more than zodiac signs and card pulls. You need to engage with someone who is giving you more than that. A message without any backing is just talking. Your spiritual health is your responsibility the same as the other areas of your health are. Research, ask questions, engage with who it is that you are interested in (BEFORE purchasing from them) and see how it feels.

Also, if you’re afraid of spirituality then you should hold off on getting a reading or any other services because that will just build walls around you that the reader/practitioner has to get around that will lead to the reading/service more than likely not resonating and you’ll just keep bouncing from person to person. Trust is part of this work. You have to trust your practitioner and vice versa. Also, fear usually stems from lack of understanding. That’s where research and engagement comes into play.

Q: We are so excited to feature your poetry in our upcoming literary booklet! How have your intuition and spiritualism influenced your writing?

A: Funny enough, my spirituality has always been part of my writing. It influences me because it inspires me. It inspires me to be a part of something bigger than myself. It inspires me to be able to connect with something bigger than me and mold it into art. That in itself is a gift to me because my spirituality is liberating. They are both my sweet taste of freedom. It is also a way for me to make it my own. I share my spirituality with everyone in my life, but when I write (even if I decide to share it) it is still mine. No one can take the words that I wrote. No one can change them. It’s a piece of me carved into space and that is why the two mean so much to me. I get to make room for myself in a space that constantly makes room for me.

Q: You have recently offered to share your upcoming virtual workshop series: “Create, Heal, Zoom,” with the Phenomenal Womxn community. We are so excited! What can participants look forward to when they attend these workshops?

A: They can expect to be in a safe and comfortable space that allows for them to create and be heard. This a space where creativity is not policed and there is no right or wrong way to do it. I want all the participants to feel supported and encouraged to use creativity to connect in a way that helps them to break through any barriers that they struggled with previously. Creating is one of the best ways to connect to your highest self and I want everyone to have an opportunity to feel the freedom that comes with that.

Q: What else would you like people to know?

A: Thank you Phenomenal Womxn for the work that you do and for your featuring me in the WCW series. I greatly appreciate it!

You can find me on Instagram @briwholistically and if you would like to book a reading with me you can do so If you have a question about readings you can connect me via IG or email me at

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