Set three of Identify

Human beings crave attachment and connection to other human beings, we all know this. We, at some point, all understand that relationships are a vital part of the human experience. Whether you have internalized this through supportive friends, a loving parental relationship, or a life-long significant other, we all must rely on another person for one reason or another. I could not help but consider all that I have learned about myself through my relationships, particularly, my romantic relationships, in forming Identify. I have discovered bits of my core by interacting and growing within numerous types of partnerships. From one partner, I have discovered my need for childlike spontaneity and exploration, from another, I have learned my boundaries within communication, and from another, I have learned the fulfillment it brings me to practice patience and empathy. In this set, Debussy uses the text of Louÿs to depict the journey a relationship takes from its fiery birth, to its intense, all-consuming maturity, and into its frozen and brittle dying days. We see in additional text that our main character moves through a variety of relationships, picking up new lessons of herself from the diverse set of humans brought into her life. Much like Bilitis, I hope to remain open to what the hardships and joys of partnership can bring to my self-realization.