Phenomenal Womxn is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, but we're also a community of artists, performers, outspoken supporters, and allies of all genders. We thank this entire community.


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Hayley Tevelow is a co-founder of Phenomenal Womxn, and an elementary school music teacher in Columbia, MD. Hayley is regularly inspired by her students’ perceptiveness, ingenuity, and resilience, and is motivated to build a better world in which they can flourish. Hayley holds bachelor's degrees in voice performance and music education from the University of Maryland, and is pursuing a master's degree in Kodály music education at Loyola University Maryland.

Caitlin Gompf is a co-founder of Phenomenal Womxn, a singer, and an arts administrator in Washington, DC. After studying vocal performance at the University of Maryland (with Hayley!), she discovered that performing is only one of many ways to inspire, connect, and empower people. Caitlin is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management at the University of Maryland, to gain the knowledge necessary to continue inspiring, connecting, and empowering communities.

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